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brody designs gold seal stripes
What is it that stirs you? That inspires you? Sit on the right-hand side of an artist and watch him as he takes your vision, your passion and desire and molds them into an exceptional work of art, made just for you.

Perhaps you want it to serve as a constant reminder of a friend or loved one, mark an important milestone in your life or a time you want forever captured. Or, create a symbol of your great love, a ring that brings back the memories of all the moments you’ve shared and all those still to come? One that says you are unique, a true masterpiece and I am fortunate to share a life with you.

Here you see a pictorial sequence of each step of the design process. From the initial sketches with the customer, to the computer rendering, to the wax model, to the finished piece. The customer can be as involved as you want, whether you want to see and approve each step while controlling the design. Or if you want to give Brody complete artistic liberty. The choices are yours and the design will be uniquely yours.

Custom Goldsmith Studio